Galo Verde Bosadelik plays at the Alamos Jazz Festival

GALO-VERDE BOSADELIK at the Alamos Jazz Festival

From November 24 to the 27th, people from the Mexican town of Alamos and abroad enjoyed the second International Jazz Festival that took place at the historical Casa de los Tesoros.

Galo Verde Bosadelika en el festival de jazz de Alamos

Alamos is one of the most beautiful towns south of the border. It has a privileged weather as well as a US community formed by artists. Also has an unusual architectural patrimony consisted in old small haciendas from the sixteen and seventeen centuries.

Galo Verde Bosadelik se presenta en Alamos, Sonora sede del Festival de Jazz

The music was brought by Mexican band Galo Verde Bosadelika and the Doc Jones Quartet. Bosadelika is a group formed in Cuernavaca by Brazilian and Mexican musicians inspired mainly by samba, bosa-nova, progressive rock and prehispanic Mesoamerican sounds. They played renditions of brazilian classics Nelson Cavaquinho and Eumir Deodato. Their principal brand is the authenthic sound of a Rhodes Piano Mark III as well as prehispanic instruments. Their line up is formed by Fernanda Robinson on percussions and hom pax (a Mayan instrument constructed with the stick of an agave plant), Josue Vishnu Madera, bass, Max Potenza, drums and Francesco Taboada Rhodes piano.

The Doc Jones Quartet with Galo-Verde Bosadelik at the Alamos Jazz Festival

Doc Jones Quartet impressed the audience with the technic of their line up as well as their talent for improvisation.

The highest moment of the festival was a jam played by Bosadelika and Doc Jones Quartet. “It was a privilege for our band to play with master Doc Jones and his virtuoso musicians.” said Francesco Taboada.

Next year edition is already being programmed and the aim is to have a larger festival wich also will include music and dance clases for the locals. We look forward to meet you in Alamos next year!

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